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April 30, 2009



SO cool! Oooh, I just love shadow puppetry! When I was a little kid, my parents had some Indonesian shadow puppets (the ones made of some sort of dried hide - like thin rawhide - and meant to be manipulated with sticks) hung on our walls as decoration. I had one in my room. Those are a bit eerie and spikey, and you might think a small child would be afraid of them - but I wasn't. I adored them and they sent me off on flights of fantasy as I drifted off to sleep.

(I was, however, for some reason afraid of the Kachina dolls that lived in nooks near the ceiling. Go figure.)


hi tina! i love this video and, you're right, yukimi nagano is amazing. i hadn't heard of her so i am very excited that you have introduced me! and i love how this video coordinates with your art.

speaking of, i am also loving your art! i have always had a thing for papercut art and silhouettes...since i was a little girl actually. when i was 3, my parents took me to disneyland, and we sat for a silhouette of the three of us. i thought it was the coolest thing ever.

thanks for your comment on my blog and for reading! isn't it great to love like crazy?? i am so happy i found a man i'm nutso for! :)


This is very cool. I like the mood of it. Thanks for posting this!!


Wow that's amazing and really beautiful! Thanks for posting :)


I will have to check it out!!


Very touching...Do you like Fever Ray? They are a swedish electronic group ... I am so addicted to the song "When i Grow Up", I hear it in my dreams!!


I met Yukimi and the band at their performance at Detroit Bar (in O.C.). (*I got there early to watch the sound check.) She was soooo nice; just laid back and cool. Ms. Nagano told me how her dad did some of the graphic design on some album/t-shirt art and that her mom lives in Cali. I bought a couple of her bandmates drinks and just had a wonderful evening chillin' out to some great music.

Anyway, cool blog!

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