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May 01, 2009



i LOVED eternal sunshine and HATED synecdoche, new york. i don't doubt it's a good, quality, respectable film, but i just couldn't handle it. it was giving me an anxiety attack. Levi (boyfriend) ended up having to put headphones in the TV and watch it alone (we have a studio; otherwise, i would have just gone in the other room). he loved it though.

have a wonderful weekend, and happy birthday to your husband!


Ha! i just did a rain post too!!! let it rain indeed! I"m so looking forward to a quiet weekend. thank you for all your kind comments this week. i love you darling!


It seems to be raining on all the blogs today. Here, it's drizzly and dark grey, and I'm enjoying all the moody rainy shots on everyone else's blog.


Hello lovie!! the print and the papercut arrived today!!! I LOVE them!!! thank you. Thank you! you made my day! hope you're having a fantastic weekend! Is it still raining up there?

I think the storm decided to skip LA :(


Love Eternal Sunshine! One of my favorites.

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