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June 18, 2009



my goodness this was a fantastic post!
My friend has a black kitten and I'm always over at her house cuddling it :D
Also, kudos for the Vincent Price mention, he is quite fantastic ;)


This is totally amazing...I love these pics...must share this post with my mom, she would get a total kick out of this!!


Oh my, wherever do you find such delicious pictures?
I love old time horror movies, use to spend a lot of
Saturday afternoons watching them when I was a kid.
Okay, late Friday nights, too!


This is incredible. I take my kitties out once in awhile for a little stroll...haha, since they are indoors I feel bad sometimes cause they are the adventurous types.
This photo series is wonderful. Your blog is so great...I love coming here!!!

The Cottage Cheese

These black cat audition photos are too much fun :) Some of my favorite LIFE archived pics ever!

I love those old Vincent Price movies too!


This is totally amazing.

sheri poston

My cat loves to lounge on the patio in his harness, of course... and one day I had the bright idea to try and walk him...Cats don's "walk". Cats take a step.. and sit..survey..take a step... sit. OH! you get the idea..


I love horror movies are the best, good stereo sound a good sofa accompanied by a popcorn and a good warm hug and there is no better evening, I love the excellent film blog.!

tinggi badan

Once, feeling sorry for the poor (prrr) bugger, we tried to take him out to explore, socialize, play, but the event ended up leaving scars on Archibald's psyche and all over our bodies. He was utterly petrified.


I fell in love with your blog. And this article - the photos, your comments - is purrr fun. Thank you very much!


OMG!!! As a girl with three black cats, i LOVE this post!!!! go you!


beautiful black kitten That's so cute

just penneys

How funny! I loved the boy with the boots and vest!! So many beautiful kitties also..

Do you think they still do this once in a while?


I just lost my beloved black cat yesterday. He was 15 and a half. He actually used to let me cradle him like a baby when he was younger. Well for a few minutes anyway. Then he'd get annoyed and want to go explore something. I miss him terribly. Great post & pix!


Thank you so much for this fun! Love the eyebrow lady and the black kitten. I have three black cats of my own. They are the BEST cats!

Layla Morgan Wilde

This made our day. Peter Lorre looks like a true cat man. I'd love to post one of these pics. Any copyright issues?


Peter Lorre (not Laurie) - I used to LOVE both him and Vincent Price in those old "horror" flicks when I was a kid. The pic of all the black cats on leases is just fabulous!


Outstanding post, fantastic images, and imaginative comments. Thanks for the best part of my day!


so funny, absolutely adore the pics! my old cat sure wouldnt have put up with it!


Where did you find these pictures? Talk about freaking awesome.

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