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July 25, 2010



I love ceci, too. (I shorten it to the Italian, so much easier on shopping list:) Madhur J. is so great. I have the same favorite dishes as both you & Terry. Thanks for the links, T.

Have been without power since Sunday 'til early today (Tuesday) & so much spoilt again in fridge. I can't afford this....but off to go forage in neighborhood for some food. Indian is 2 blocks too far for how much energy I have...will feature the bow pin soon, but I'm determined for someone to take a photo of me wearing it.(Or part of me...would not want to scare young children & animals with full face.)


Susan & a faint pawpad wave from Julie (she's being dramatic last few days.)


This is a great post and recipe! Just a little tip - when I want to make good, healthy vegetarian Indian food in a jif, I usually have a few of Tasty Bite's ready-made meals in the pantry. They have this dish that you made and it only takes 90 seconds to make, but I promise it's just as tasty, natural, and healthy. when I'm in a rush I throw a pouch in my bag or heat up a few dishes for the kids for dinner. Add some naan and you're good to go. Love this blog and bon appetit!

m. heart

I am definitely making this soon - with some lassi for dessert!

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